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Say Hello to Nandina! My “Gear Wing” (aka Aethertech) on the Japanese Siel Server


Yesterday, I started to experiment with the Japanese servers, since I discovered that they’re 1) free to play until level 50, and 2) have 4.5 installed. What does this mean? Aethertech!

Nandina is only level 21 at this point, but Aethertech is a LOT of fun to play. (Fun aside, a two-shot kill of Hamerun felt GOOD. xD)

It’s all bashing and smashing and kicking in teeth. I know someone (Sniff, I’m looking at you) that may have fun with it. However, I’m also learning that there’s a lot of other interesting things. The culture of the server is very different. I’m really curious about the PVP on there, and (despite my horrible 200-300ms ping) I’m considering on pushing past level 50- possibly paying for short day passes to use on the occasional weekend with the intention to see how PVP runs on there.

I’ll probably have more observations as they’re up. I’ll probably post some highlights from my streams recently as well. The primary reason I ended up stopping, though, is because of my love-hate relationship with Verteron. I’ll survive, though. Nandina’s in Eltnen now! But I really feel the drive of my Riess calling back to me.


Not Another Aion Post: The Depths of the Idian Depths


Sometime ago, when running around with friends on Aion, it started when two members of my group were dueling in Segarunerk’s Bazaar in the Idian Depths. Or something like that. It’s been awhile, at least. One suddenly died, however. Not in ways we expected. He apparently found a hole in the ground.

Of course, what do we start doing as a group? We start jumping into it!

We died quite a few times, until we realized that if you time it right, you can pop your wings and glide to safety underneath the bazaar. How bizarre, right? (I should totally be shot for that.)


When you looked up, you saw something kind of like this. You could see the frame of the whole bazaar amongst other things. It was actually kind of neat.


As for the area itself, it was a pretty good sized area. Rila and I spent a lot of time just running around on our mounts to look around more. It’ll be a fun place to duel, I think. However, when I revisited recently, I think something was changed, because I couldn’t glide at all once I fell through. Sadness.

Since I like finding places you shouldn’t be in, there will be more articles like this in the future.