Countdown to Zero no Kiseki – Ten Days to Zero


I have made it no secret that this release is one of the ones I’m most excited about at the moment. I didn’t have time to do much of anything for the other games that had been released up to this date. However, I have started getting my photography bug running. As such, you will get ‘Ten Days to Zero.’

Starring the trio of poms, as crocheted by my friend Ianthe. :)
友だちのアイアンシーちゃんが編んだポムの三匹(トリオ)が主役です! :)

Translation provided by Ayu Ohseki~ Thank you!

With only ten days left from their three year hiatus, a trio of poms had to take a train to Crossbell.

When they realized their folly of taking the wrong train, they had to take control of the train and attempt to stop!

However, when the train came to a stop, they realized they were far, far away from home, and had little way to get back.

What will the little poms do now? Stay tuned!~

Photos taken at the Interurban Railway Museum of Plano, Texas.

What’s on the menu?

What am I currently playing? A few things here and there, but I’ve actually been distracted from doing much of anything due to the advent of The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki.

I am absolutely unashamed about my obsession with Falcom and their games. Back in 2004, when I was having a very rough time of things all over, I preordered a little gem called The Legend of Heroes VI: Sora no Kiseki. See one of the original demo movies for it.

I had no clue, at the time, that I’d have in my hands what I’d say today as arguably the best RPG I’ve ever played.

The first game is a little slow, and the level of Japanese made playing it SO hard. There’s a lot of tricky writing in it, but it is also a very tricky story. However, if most people have been following it, then you would know that Sora no Kiseki does not end as just one game. Then there’s Sora no Kiseki SC, and Sora no Kiseki the 3rd. What’s up with this?

Well, much to my absolute dismay, Sora no Kiseki ends on a cliffhanger.

Any of the people who finished the game in 2004 were forced to wait for the second chapter. The ending was a ‘demo movie’ for the second game.

It took 18 months. SC was released in March 2006. And it took what was already a marvelous RPG and turned it into a beast. It showed that the world of Zemulia and Liberl is one of the most in-depth I’ve ever had the chance to experience in a game. By the time you are done, you’ll not only know the geography, but you’ll know a lot of the history, the organizations that support/hinder Liberl, the nation’s economy, and political standings to any number of other nations around it.

While SC’s ending is very open still, I felt that it had enough closure to be comfortable. What I didn’t expect was the sudden release of Sora no Kiseki the 3rd in July of 2007. This takes what was already known from FC and SC, and openly bridges it to Legend of Heroes VII. This is meant to be a gaiden- a side story. This follows a new pair of lead characters and tells the story a wildly different manner, as well as give hints to one of the more (surprisingly!) secretive organizations of the Zemulia Continent- The Septian Church.

It took all the nice things about SC’s ending and blew them wide open.

So now it’s come to three years later. September 30, 2010- we finally see our new game, The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki.

It now sets the stage to Crossbell, another nation in Zemulia, and follows the characters Lloyd Bannings and Elie MacDowell. What does this new story have in store? I’m willing to bet that what’s in the video is only the bare surface of this game. I won’t be surprised if it can’t be contained into one RPG- Falcom got me on it once! But I’m eager for this ride!

13 days left.

I’ve waited for this for three years. Thirteen days should not be this hard.

Progress Report: Assassin’s Creed II (PS3)

So. I dug out my PS3 and got to work on Assassin’s Creed II today. I got through the Battle at Forli DLC and moved on in to the Bonfire of the Vanities. I’ve already finished the main scenario.

Anyway. That’s not the important thing. I’m taking my time through Vanities at the moment, primarily because I’ve got other things on mind. Namely, trophies.

Or has Kevin Butler called them: Trophies that aren’t real… but are.

And they totally are. They’re a thing to be proud of when you make such an accomplishment in a video game.

Anyway, my situation with trophies in Assassin’s Creed II puts me at 95%. This will be my first Platinum. I can’t wait!

What I have left is:

  • Messer Sandman – Stun 4 guards by throwing sand in their faces.
  • Show Your Colors – Wear the Auditore Cape in each city.
  • In Memory of Petruccio – Collect all 100 Feathers.

Just a little more work. Maybe I’ll be on the stream when I get that Platinum! :D

Have a few highlights:

Caterina Sforza Scene #1

Watch live video from omgfloofy of the Sanctuary Crew on

Caterina Sforza Scene #2

Watch live video from omgfloofy of the Sanctuary Crew on

Trophy Earned: Fly Swatter

Watch live video from omgfloofy of the Sanctuary Crew on

Trophy Earned: Sweeper:

Watch live video from omgfloofy of the Sanctuary Crew on

More will be appearing in my video log on JTV over the next few days.

Who Is That Floofy Guy?


Did you know I had a livejournal devoted to my gaming exploits? You didn’t? Well, allow me to tell you about it. I kept falling off the wagon in an attempt to blog my adventures in the realm of video games. But since I’m a major part of the Sanctuary Crew, I figured I might as well get a few things straight.

But I got done with school, and you can see that I’m a bit scrambling to pick up the pieces of my life and start over. This will likely contain the things that I don’t want to spam the primary news blog with, mostly little commentary on my adventures in games, which trophies I’m gunning for in whichever playstation 3 game, any giggling over a newcoming game, any new previews coming out. That sort of thing.

I’ve gone by the names Kirsy, ysriK, Togabito Ion, and more recently Kaycee and omgfloofy. I love photography, video games, and web page development. I work for a major telecommunications conglomerate, and want to be involved in video game localization at some point.

Maybe I can start back up with my LJ stuff here, and other random things. I’ll try to make it worthwhile to people’s interests, however.

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