Say Hello to Nandina! My “Gear Wing” (aka Aethertech) on the Japanese Siel Server


Yesterday, I started to experiment with the Japanese servers, since I discovered that they’re 1) free to play until level 50, and 2) have 4.5 installed. What does this mean? Aethertech!

Nandina is only level 21 at this point, but Aethertech is a LOT of fun to play. (Fun aside, a two-shot kill of Hamerun felt GOOD. xD)

It’s all bashing and smashing and kicking in teeth. I know someone (Sniff, I’m looking at you) that may have fun with it. However, I’m also learning that there’s a lot of other interesting things. The culture of the server is very different. I’m really curious about the PVP on there, and (despite my horrible 200-300ms ping) I’m considering on pushing past level 50- possibly paying for short day passes to use on the occasional weekend with the intention to see how PVP runs on there.

I’ll probably have more observations as they’re up. I’ll probably post some highlights from my streams recently as well. The primary reason I ended up stopping, though, is because of my love-hate relationship with Verteron. I’ll survive, though. Nandina’s in Eltnen now! But I really feel the drive of my Riess calling back to me.


Not Another Aion Post: The Depths of the Idian Depths


Sometime ago, when running around with friends on Aion, it started when two members of my group were dueling in Segarunerk’s Bazaar in the Idian Depths. Or something like that. It’s been awhile, at least. One suddenly died, however. Not in ways we expected. He apparently found a hole in the ground.

Of course, what do we start doing as a group? We start jumping into it!

We died quite a few times, until we realized that if you time it right, you can pop your wings and glide to safety underneath the bazaar. How bizarre, right? (I should totally be shot for that.)


When you looked up, you saw something kind of like this. You could see the frame of the whole bazaar amongst other things. It was actually kind of neat.


As for the area itself, it was a pretty good sized area. Rila and I spent a lot of time just running around on our mounts to look around more. It’ll be a fun place to duel, I think. However, when I revisited recently, I think something was changed, because I couldn’t glide at all once I fell through. Sadness.

Since I like finding places you shouldn’t be in, there will be more articles like this in the future.

Extra Life 2013 – Sanctuary is Giving Away a Playstation Vita?!


Oh my goodness, guys. I’m sorry I’ve not written here in a long time. Most of my current events have been cleared over my twitter accounts: @omgfloofy and @FloofyGaming.

So I’m doing a post for my team, Sanctuary Crew Gaming, to explain what we’re doing for Extra Life this year.


We will be doing contests this year! Multiple raffles and drawings and random giveaways. This is partly because XSEED Games was extremely generous in their codes for us, so we may randomly give away codes to people in the stream chat, too.


As the title says, we’ll be giving away a Playstation Vita. This will be a refurbished Vita purchased from Gamestop’s website. We will purchase it and send it to the address of the winner. Along with the Vita, you will also be sent two codes, thanks to XSEED Games. One code will be for Valhalla Knights 3 and the other will be Ragnarok Odyssey.

There will also be codes for games raffled off: anywhere from games like Dead Space, Mirror’s Edge, Medal of Honor, Killer is Dead, Rune Factory 4, and other titles.

How do you enter the raffles? You just donate! The DonorDrive site that Extra Life uses for donations will register email addresses and names. I’d like to keep it open for anonymous entries, but this is honestly the easiest way for you to get into our raffle, and something where we don’t need you to take any extra steps.

1. For every $20 you donate, you will be entered in for a chance to win yourself a Playstation Vita. For every $10 you enter, you will be entered to win one of our myriad of Steam, Origin, PSN, XBL, or Nintendo codes for yourself or for friends and family. Also! If you win a game, you may be excluded from winning any other games, but you will still have a chance to win the Vita at the end of our event. So if you donate $100, you will have 5 entries into the Vita drawing, and 10 into the game drawing.

2. When you enter the donation screen, do not select ‘donate anonymously’ to enter as it will obscure your contact information, and that will mean that we lose your info in case you win. Again, I apologize that it has to be that way, but it’s far easier on those of us running the raffle together.

3. like in the above screenshot, make sure you check allow participant to see my email address. This isn’t a publicly visible thing. It’s only to those of us in the team. Like I said, this means that we will be able to contact you.

We are planning to do the drawing sometime on Sunday afternoon, after Extra Life has concluded. (We might still be streaming, however!) I’ll make sure I make the announcement on twitter, both my personal twitter (@omgfloofy), and the Sanctuary Crew twitter account (@SanctuaryGaming).

We will run the other raffles throughout the day, as well as twitter contests and other things.

Who is Sanctuary and Who is Participating?

The Sanctuary Crew Gaming is a team of various gamers that love to play anything and everything video game related. We can be found across the United States and even with some international members.

Our Extra Life webpage is located here:
Our sites are: |

The members involved are:
Myself: Kirsten Miller, aka omgfloofy
Chris Zeon, aka Char
Danny Henderson, aka Seizui
Matthew Stone, aka CK20XX
Robert Toro, aka Sniff
Shawn Fry, aka Drakhanas

Please donate across the board to them if you can. If you are watching our stream, and you like what you see, please donate to the person playing at the time.

If you want to keep an eye on what’s planned, please check out our events calendar. We will be updating it accordingly so that you don’t miss out on any of the action! (Especially with Seizui playing Hydelide. :D) (All times in Arizona time!)

What is Floofy Playing?

Like every year, I will be somewhere on one of the stream channels, or my own personal channel at all times during all 25 hours of Extra Life. I will keep people posted as to what I’m doing on twitter at all hours of the day. xD

I already plan to play some Aion, fuss around in Sen no Kiseki, and try to push towards the end of Assassin’s Creed III. Since I really haven’t. D: I also have a special stream planned involving Sniff and Secret of Mana’s special 2-player mode. You can catch that at 6pm central time on Channel 1.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this, and let me know what you think with comments or responses on twitter or Facebook! Good luck to all the participants, I hope to see you tomorrow at some time!

Please Offer Help


The above picture is of Daisy, the dachshund that belongs to some very dear friends of mine.

As a dachshund owner myself, when I saw my friend’s post that Daisy couldn’t use her back legs, I was horrified. Now I hear that they need to pull together $3600 for Daisy’s back surgery.

This is from him directly:

My wife got back from the vet in tears. Seems Daisy has somehow injured one of the discs in her back, and she now requires back surgery. Back surgery that will cost $3600!!! We don’t have anything remotely close to that amount… I don’t know what to do.

I put in for a loan against my 401K at my job to try to get the money, but I’m told it’ll take 3 to 5 days for it to hit my account and the vet says Daisy needs the surgery ASAP or else she may permantely lose her motor functions in her back legs or even possibly die.

I’m so upset… I don’t know what to do…

Thank you everyone who has donated so far, and for anyone else who wishes to donate, sent them via paypal to . I’ll find some way to repay you guys. Don’t know how, but I will.

The worst feeling is having a pet you love and being unable to do anything for them. In the case of Daisy, the help is there, but it’s out of reach, due to money reasons. He’s asking for donations via paypal. I can’t give much myself, but I know that multiple people can probably help.

He does a lot of ebay auctions, and he’s a comic writer/artist. I can’t speak for him, but I’m sure he’ll do anything to help Daisy, because I know how much she means to him.

I can keep people posted on his ebay account for when he gives me the information, but for now, any little bit helps. I generally don’t reach out like this, but this friend is like my brother, and Daisy is such a sweetheart. If anything, please spread the word for her. $3600 is a LOT of money, and especially at this time of year, this must be very very hard on them.

Thank you so much.

Regarding Comments

I’ve seen some disparaging comments that, while they may be justified, I will not allow on my site. I expect people to conduct themselves in the situation regarding OmegaTH and so forth with a mature and possibly even professional manner.

As a result, I do not want comments from people telling him to ‘just die’ or anything of the like. One reason for this is that he’s the sort to use that against you, so you want to keep the higher ground when dealing with him.

On Anger

Tonight I have felt anger in a way I’ve never felt it before. At first, I made a humorous tweet on it. I had likened it to my epic ragequit over Lords of Shadow, where I stopped the game, took it out of my PS3, packed it up, and just drove it to Gamestop to sell it back.

But it didn’t stop there. Things only got worse. Not only do I think think that I’ve lost any ability to respect someone who I once thought of as a highly-regarded friend as a result, but I find myself second guessing the stuff that has been done around me for months. I thought I got past doing that. I feel hurt and betrayed that this person would do such an awful thing in my view, and wonder if the same thing has been done to me from other… stuff that’s happened.

Nevertheless, I’ve cut off any form of contact for me with this person. I’ll leave it to them to make the next move- if they ever decide that they want to.

Now, I feel out of breath, as if I had run a marathon. My heart is pounding. My muscles are tense. I struck my keyboard with a fist at one point- which didn’t help at all. It’s an uncomfortable feeling. …but by now, I’m just tired. I’m sore- both emotionally and physically, and my eyes are still stinging from the tears, both from the rage, and abject horror at what transpired tonight.

Some things offset it at least, and have given me something to cheer about or look forward to. Absolute delight and happiness towards one of my best friends, and I loved the closing ceremonies of the Olympics… heck, this whole thing drove me to going to get a salad for dinner. What’s wrong with me? Am I becoming a rabbit or something?!

But for now, I need sleep. I need sleep and hope to wake up and maybe take on the day tomorrow with as best of an attitude as I can. I want to get this awful thing behind me. I don’t know how I will, but it will happen eventually, I imagine. Like I said before, I tend to not stay angry for long.

I hope that trend does not change with this.

Arguably More Masculine Than The Woman