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Aion 5.1 Information – New Instances and Gear


I have to make my usual disclaimer before I begin:

I do not speak Korean. I do, however, read Japanese, and I follow a blog that translates information from the Korean servers to Japanese. So this is a ‘second stage’ translation. I’m translating a Japanese translation of something from Korean. As a result, there may be some issues with it from the source or trying to figure out what terminology is being referenced in places.

Terminology that I’m using, also, may not end up being what is used in the translation when it is released to the North American servers.

The Japanese article I’m translating comes from here. It is a Japanese translation of this article in Korean.

Another note before I begin, “For use by High Daevas” comes up a lot here. This terms is basically for any Daeva that is level 66 and higher and following the high daeva system introduced in 5.0.

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