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Moving Is A Go!

I’ve officially started the process of a lot of my packing. This includes packing away my Hauppage and my games. –though I won’t be packing away my PS3 (it’s a bit big. I’ll have to transport it on its own, really) for some games (Wipeout HD and Netflix). I won’t be streaming for awhile, though.

My PS3 (and one controller) is the only gaming system out, with the exception of handheld systems, of course. Most of my cables and extra stuff have been packed away, and my games are put up.

I can’t gauge how much I’m packed, namely because I’m the only one moving from this townhome. It’s a little strange for me, really.

Anyway. I can’t wait for Friday for all of this to start. The sooner it begins, the sooner it ends. @.x

New Member of my Household – A Wurlitzer Player Piano

I don’t have photos of it yet, but I’ve inherited a Wurlizter player piano from the 1960’s from my grandmother. It won’t be in my possession until October, but when I get it, I will begin the process of restoring it, as it hasn’t been cared for in well over 15 years.

I think it’ll be an interesting learning experience, I think. I was talking to a friend about my work on it, and she was interested in how things work out for it… then it dawned on me that it might be an interesting thing to chronicle. I figured that since I’ve been doing a lot of my ‘real life’ and ‘gaming’ stuff on here, it’ll probably go here, so people can keep tabs on the state of the piano.

Currently, it’s in my late grandmother’s house in Odessa, Tx. The house is currently on the market, and if it doesn’t sell over the summer, we plan to go there in October and pick up the furnishings that belong to us and have them moved back to our home. It will be returning to Dallas with the rest of the things that are being picked up by my parents… and from there, I will hire piano movers to move it from my parents’ home to my apartment. (Of course, going from a 1st floor home to a 2nd floor apartment will be an adventure in of itself. Oh my.)

I will make posts on the move, of course. I may post a video on youtube of the piano as it is, as I got it to play again back in November when we were at her home last. I’ll let people know if I do.

For the current status- I’m in the process of buying two piano rolls (Star Wars, and Die Walkure Grand Selection), and a tracker bar air pump for cleaning the tracker bar itself. I am terrified of how much dust might be in that. D: As it is also in a dire need of tuning, and I will be having a piano tuner go by my grandmother’s home to examine it and tell me what sort of work needs to be done on it before I move it back to Dallas, so that I know what else I may need for it. I also plan on ordering a book on player piano repair and servicing from Amazon soon.

Another thing I’ve considered on doing is eventually (this is like… 3-4 years in the future. Not /now/…) having PianoDisc installed to the piano. I don’t know if it’ll be possible to do so and preserve the already installed pneumatic system, but I saw someone who has had that done, according to his youtube videos. I’ll just have to talk to a retailer that sells/installs PianoDisc systems, I guess… but I like the idea of it being able to play based on midi *and* piano rolls… It’ll just be an awfully pricey endeavor.

My “Kevin Graham” Sneakers?

Yes, I do have a pair of sneakers that were designed based off of the sneakers worn by Kevin Graham in Sora no Kiseki.

This much is evidenced by one of my entries in the Kiseki Festa for this year:

Also, for notation purposes:
Artist Comment: The stairs with the quote from Dante’s Divine Comedy struck me as a fitting for Kevin for this photo manipulation.
Falcom’s Comment: スニーカーをはいていて、ケビンらしさがでています。その奥の宇宙のような広大な背景も印象的です。3rdのシーンが再現され思い出されました。

They also made an appearance in my Pom thingy.

Now, back to what’s more important.

Where did I get them?

Easy. Look at the pictures- I edited the logo out on my Festa entry, but these are actually a pair of custom Converse Chuck Taylors. You can make them on

The formula for Kevin’s sneakers is as follows:

  • Start with the CHUCK TAYLOR ALL STAR OX CANVAS – Blank! Leave it blank! And do not pick the RED. Red has different tints and shades.
  • RACING STRIPE: RED – there isn’t really one on Kevin’s shoes, but the red racing stripe is a fantastic accent that works on them
  • MEDIAL EYELET: METALLIC SILVER – this wasn’t an option when I made them, but I think they LOOK silver on the artwork. So silver it is!
  • STITCHING: RED – in my opinion, this is the most important accent to put on these shoes. This is a crucial accent! Don’t forget it!
  • LACE: WHITE – Converse’s laces can be a bit weak. If you need something stronger, make sure you get… 44in laces, I believe

From this point, you can tag them (I didn’t), or call it done. But that is the recipe to make Kevin’s sneakers on

Custom chucks will cost you $67 before shipping, and it takes them 3-4 weeks to make them. It’s nice to know that the sneakers you get are STRAIGHT from the factory, just as you called it.

I do plan on making another pair, based on Estelle’s, but I’m still fussing with them.

Man, I’m such a fangirl. D:

Grief, and an Apology

Didn’t I say I’d stop running these RL posts? I don’t know why they keep interfering. Life has a way of doing that, however, doesn’t it?

One week ago today, I finally had the chance to stream again. I started by playing some Uncharted 2 on Crushing. And ohgod, ow.

Afterwards, I went to stream some of Spelunker HD. However, during the stream, I must apologize for abruptly cutting it off in the middle and abandoning it with little explanation.

Today marks a week without Maggie- my rescued fox terrier. On my streams on my own channel, when I’ve turned on my webcam, she’s loitered around, or slept in the background. She’s made appearances while I’ve been trying to hold conversations on streams, and she’s even shown up in my photographs on here, surrounded by poms.

I stopped my stream abruptly because she became violently ill on my bed behind me. I had to gather my wits (which I didn’t do very well), a sick dog wrapped in a blanket, call an emergency vet, and transport her. Several hours later, I had to sign her to be euthanized. It was the most difficult decision to do.

Today, one week later, it still hurts significantly. She can be found in one of my webcam videos on my jtv archive. I thought I’d find closure with receiving her ashes from her cremation, but it’s still hard to sleep. It’s still hard to stay in my room, where she got sick.

This has been the cause for my disappearance, and I apologize significantly for it. I don’t know if I’ll be able to play either Uncharted 2 or Spelunker HD for awhile, due to my association from them to that night.

What I will do, however, is perhaps find something else I can use instead and continue to entertain, once I pick myself back up again.

But for now, I still feel like a large chunk of who I am has been cut out.

I’ve gone on a relative hiatus from my website (which I should post), and I intend to overhaul it when I can.

But until I can fully pick up the pieces and sort through them and get back to moving again, I may not be very active in the streaming world or web world.

For now, however… have a pair of videos from my Uncharted 2 run. You can see quite a bit of failure in the very beginning. Such an amazing precursor for what will be to come on Crushing. ;o;

Watch live video from omgfloofy of the Sanctuary Crew! on

Watch live video from omgfloofy of the Sanctuary Crew! on

End of the Year – State of the Floof?

Well, let’s do a combination of games and RL here. It’s a little bit of a change from the usual run. This will be the longest post I’ve written. I hope it doesn’t get too tl;dr for your tastes. If it is, just skip past it. I promise the next won’t be so emo.

It’s weird. I feel like I’ve drifted from a lot of the friends that made my life what it is. I don’t really talk to them, or even interact with them. In fact, I’ve noticed that when I talk to them, it’s usually me initiating the conversations. I try to keep in touch, but it almost feels like these friends wouldn’t feel much of a difference if I didn’t. Is that really the case?

Anyhow. What has happened?

Gaming-wise, I platinum’d Assassin’s Creed II. My first platinum for the PS3. I have beat Uncharted 2 on hard. Started Oath in Felghana on Inferno. Got creeped out by Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood… (I’ve never found anything so creepy!) and had the latest game of the Kiseki series come out. It made my year.

RL-wise, I graduated.

Of course, just before my graduation, I had decided to ask a best friend of mine if we could try dating and see what would happen from that. Strangely enough- he just stopped talking, stopped interacting, and it was the advent of what would become the most painful year I’ve experienced in a long time. It’s one thing to lose a boyfriend, I’ve learned, but it’s something else completely to lose a very good friend at the same time. To this day, I still find myself asking what did I do wrong? I can’t even find that out. And thus I continue on, with this thing having no closure. At all.

Anyway… several months later after graduation, I was told that due to the issue with my math class, I would be denied my degree.

There were a lot of heartbreaks like these this year.

I found myself in a dead-end job that I still blame to this day for failing that math class. I nearly broke down several times before May due to the pressures of work and school on top of each other. There was no path of progression in my work, and after seeing that we had people that held the same position for 7-10 years, I wanted out.

During my preparations for graduation, my grand uncle, Fleet Wilson, passed away due to thyroid cancer. It was right in the middle of my finals and nearly wrecked everything for me. I had to pick myself up and continue forward with it as if nothing had happened. I had to make myself numb to the fact that a close relative of mine passed away.

Of course, Lost’s finale served as a sort of cartharsis, and I broke down, finally managing to put together how I felt about Fleet.

But school would not be over with yet. I would begin to take a very difficult Algebra class, that- when I learned I couldn’t handle the class load. It was too much, too fast. So I dropped and took an easier class- Math for Business and Economics. These two classes meant that I was continuing with the school routine for a bit longer than I had intended and I was already burned out. Something happened, however, and at the last minute, I’d fail the class on my final, losing the chance for my degree.

I continued to simply work. Work my ass off. We had ridiculous amounts of OT. I stopped considering my shift as 3:30pm to 2am, but either starting at 1:30pm or 2:30pm. I think I could count the number of times that my schedule began at the actual time on my hands. This is for the whole year. Of course, then there’s the fact that I started to learn that it sounded like things that it was my contractor pushing for the OT, and Verizon bending backwards to put it on us just to make them happy.

I started to really hate my job. Especially, as I said before, I already blamed them for my failing of my math class.

Things continue this way- but Extra Life happened. That was amazing. It was the chance for me to really give back to something that meant a lot. I was saved by Children’s Medical Center when I was seven years old. I had to have an emergency blood transfusion when my bone marrow gave out, due to my blood condition.

I fought with everything I had, and I feel like I managed to do something great. Immediately after the marathon, I flew out to Los Angeles to see old friends and go to Disneyland for the first time.

It was an amazing trip, and I was on such a high, that I thought I could be reenergized to finish the year out without an issue.

Except I didn’t. I came back from LA, only to learn just how terrible shape I was in, what kind of terrible position I was in with my job, and what kind of rage I felt for it and the way they treated us.

I started to spiral down a path of ‘I don’t care.’ And I just stopped caring about everything. The life I felt days, weeks, and months ago was gone. Completely.

I’ve felt myself becoming someone I hadn’t felt for years. Siwel was doing to me what Ticket Retriever did years ago, and this time, I could see it, and that made it worse. I caved in on myself, and just did not do anything. I stopped bowling, I stopped worrying about keeping my room clean. I’d go to work, come home, stay up and talk a bit, and go to bed- all while hiding just what was going through me during the time.

Then came something I should’ve expected. Nana’s death. My grandmother, Grace Miller, died the Sunday before Thanksgiving. What little I had setup to keep me going just began to collapse. It was, you might say, the straw that people were worried about.

I fell down to a depth that I had not seen in many years. I felt that I was just a husk at my job. I didn’t care about what they did to me. I didn’t care about what I did there. I just… went, did what I had to, and went home.

Nana meant the world to me. The whole life that circled around her meant the world to me. I was going to meet with my family for Christmas, but when I came back, I found a letter saying that I had to go into training during the Christmas season, which meant a schedule change. Which also meant losing my Thursdays off.

I had already planned those Thursdays for stuff with my family. I was denied my request to go to Vegas for my friends’ wedding. I think it was because of this. This load of crap.


I wanted to say that, at least. I rearranged my life and my Christmas to fulfill their wishes. Then I find out that the dates that they told me were wrong. They told me that my training was meant to be through the 27th. Then the schedule change came through and said it was into the second week of January.

That I could not do. I contacted my supervisor to explain that I couldn’t do it.

However, in this case, the training date has been set and you were notified in advance so that you can make the necessary adjustments to ensure that you are able to attend the training class. Training classes are not scheduled often, therefore this should only be a minor setback in your schedule.

That was part of the response I received.

Minor setback? The notification in advance was NOT for the dates that they gave me. I rearranged my life for you bastards. You expect me to throw away everything else while I was dealing with the death of my grandmother?!

December 10, 2010, I walked out on my job. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was falling and losing it. I didn’t go home from work Wed night. I went to see some friends. I went home on Thursday afternoon and chose to sleep all day. Sleep and cry. I cried all morning Friday at the thought that I’d have to go in. That I’d have to give up one more day of my life to a job whose methods I could no longer agree with. I felt like a victim to their redtape and bullshit.

I decided I wanted no more of it. I gave my badge, and went home. And continued to cry.

To this day, I don’t know if it was a mistake, but I’ve got a major interview on Jan 3rd. I’m fine, financially, at the moment. I’ll be able to handle my life as it is right now. I’ve had a chance to recover and get my mind straight.

…but at the moment? I don’t know.

But I did decide that I’d start the new year a little different. I wrote my friend to tell him I’m sorry for what I’ve done, and if there’s a chance for the friendship we had to be repaired, I’d like to make a chance at it- or to just stop pretending to be friends and never interacting.

The ball is in his court on that. There’s nothing I can do on it anymore. If he doesn’t want the friendship, that’s fine. Nobody interested in a friendship pulls that crap, as another friend of mine says. It’s obvious that it won’t go very far if there’s no real interest in it on his behalf, and I don’t want it if that’s the case.

But cutting some strings loose, and getting ready to retake that class. Let’s hope that I can try to make 2011 a better year. And I’ll put in some more streaming.

Afterall- up next? I beat Uncharted 2 on Hard, and promised a Crushing run. I should do that soon, really.

Learn Your States, CNN!!

I’d expect the people at CNN with their shiny papers and degrees to be able to make sure that their articles don’t go out with a blatant mistake such as this!!

So I made this to tweet at them.


About 2-3 minutes after I tweeted to CNN with the image, the headlines were all pulled. About 10 minutes later, the headlines were returned with the states corrected. Whoo!

@CNN fails at identifying US states. Arizona listed as Utah and Utah listed as Arizona? C’mon guys! The west is EASY.

What?! Six Flags?!

I went to Six Flags today. There were some crazy things that went down. I forgot how amazing the Titan is, and am now terrified of the new Texas Giant. :o I can’t wait until it reopens in the spring!!

However, I had a terrifying moment at one point- because I lost my phone on the Shock Wave. But the crew is awesome, and the security team is amazing- as they had found the phone and were able to return it to me by the end of the night. (It was about one hour later, in fact)

Thank you so much, Six Flags!

One of the reasons I would have been devastated is because I would have lost these two photos of the Oil Derrick. D: