Who Am I?

“Well I knew [Amyhead] was a girl, and I /should/ have known [he] was a girl due to a lot of factors, i just always figured he was a really floofy guy.”

The immortal words that followed the most hilarious mixup ever sealed the fate and created the nickname ‘Floofy’ for me. I’ve gone by other names, Togabito Ion (from my editing days with J-Comx), Vorfeed, L-Sama no Miko (Slayers ref!), ysrik, and Kaycee amongst others.

I’m a geek, a gamer, an artist, quasi-writer, and photographer. I must have a constant connection to the intarwebs (thank you, my precious Palm Pre!). If that’s not available, then I must have some sort of controller, or my precious Sony a100 in hand.

I’m a social butterfly, hang around at cons to hang around with friends, cosplay to meet new and interesting people, but I also enjoy quiet periods in old buildings, historic cemetries, and fanciful locations along with my camera.

My roommate has called me the girliest tomboy she ever met. I run around and do boyish things (first person shooters, action games, sports, comic books, science fiction, and computer work, amongst other things)- yet I love shoes, skirts, earrings, and fashionable coats and jackets.

This is my place. My little space. I share it with my friends with the Sanctuary Crew, of course, but it’s big enough to find a little spot to settle.

Arguably More Masculine Than The Woman