New Equipment Type in Aion 5.1: Bracelets


As usual, this post is translated from, which is a Japanese translation of information from Korean.

A new type of equippable item has been introduced into the game- a Bracelet of Kaisinel/Marchutan. You can purchase the initial bracelet in Sanctum or Pandamonium, from the two NPCs:
* Holy Accessory Tuner Penna (Sanctum)
* Holy Accessory Tuner Feather (Pandamonium)

These bracelets will automatically have PVP defense stats on them. You can upgrade them using tempering solutions. Once they hit +6, they will start to gain PVP offensive stats, as well. The max enchantment for the bracelets is +10.

As you temper the bracelet, it will also gain manastone slots and change appearance.

(Left to right)
Image 1: Enchantment Level 0 ~ 4: no Manastone slots.
Image 2: Enchantment Level 5 ~ 6: 1 Manstone slot. / Enchantment Level 7 ~ 9: 2 Manastone slots.
Image 3: Enchantment Level 10: 3 Manastone slots.

If an attempt to temper the bracelet fails, it will lose all of its enchantments, and any manastones equipped will be destroyed. [Editor’s Note: But it sounds like the bracelet itself doesn’t break, unlike with plumes.]

UI-wise, the slot on the profile page for the plume will be moved to be below the left power shard slot, and the bracelet will sit underneath the right power shard slot.

This update has been made live to both the Live Server and the Master Server.

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