Aion – Old Screenshots from Below Sanctum


For those who have started playing in the recent year or two of Aion, you may not realize that there was an unfinished city underneath Sanctum. Of course, in recent patches, there has been an ‘instant kill’ barrier if you tried to glide down to it, so people can’t wander off the map to try and look for it.

It took some effort. You had to glide to a mountain, rest up some flight time, and finish gliding down, because Sanctum is just that far up.


There’s also a whole area of empty terrain underneath there. Mountains and hills and so forth!


But eventually, Dreknok and I wandered our way to the ‘edge of the world’ so to speak. A place where the map was incomplete.

I’ll admit that I had a yolo moment. And jumped off the ledge. My whole screen went bonkers, as you can see below.


The game crashed shortly after that screenshot was made, and even crashed a few times on attempting to load the character. Eventually, I was reset back to my bind point. Thank goodness.

I didn’t want to ask a GM to help me in that case. I’m pretty sure we weren’t supposed to be there. ;D

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