Aion 5.1 Information – New Instances and Gear


I have to make my usual disclaimer before I begin:

I do not speak Korean. I do, however, read Japanese, and I follow a blog that translates information from the Korean servers to Japanese. So this is a ‘second stage’ translation. I’m translating a Japanese translation of something from Korean. As a result, there may be some issues with it from the source or trying to figure out what terminology is being referenced in places.

Terminology that I’m using, also, may not end up being what is used in the translation when it is released to the North American servers.

The Japanese article I’m translating comes from here. It is a Japanese translation of this article in Korean.

Another note before I begin, “For use by High Daevas” comes up a lot here. This terms is basically for any Daeva that is level 66 and higher and following the high daeva system introduced in 5.0.

⏩ New Instance Dungeons for 5.1 ⏪

The Garden of Knowledge


The Garden of Knowledge is accessed by activating the artifact of knowledge and once you have defeated the final boss of the Archive of Knowledge, there will be a ‘crack in memory’ to which you can access the garden itself.

You can enter the Garden of Knowledge four times per week, and there the party will meet the Nubalim of the earth, which will allow them to advance through the dungeon.

Completing the dungeon will reward you with a level 80 gear set called the Raging Garden set.

The Raging Garden Set:

The Burning Fortress of Kuroban

Mid-Boss: Tahabata
Mid-Boss: Tahabata

The Burning Fortress of Kuroban is a level 70 dungeon for six people that requires the defeat of minigames to advance forward in it. (Editor note: I’m not exactly sure what’s being said here for this one- I suspect it’s small tasks specific to beat each portion of the dungeon.)

Completing the Burning Fortress of Kuroban will reward you through drops of the new mythic weapons and armor, stigma bags, and blood medals. Bosses will also reward you with Abyss Points and Augmenting items.

The gear received from the dungeon is the level 76 ‘Kuroban’ gear set.

Final Boss: Kuroban
Final Boss: Kuroban

Kuroban Set:

⏩ New High Daeva Battlefields in 5.1 ⏪

There will be new ‘battlefield’ dungeons for use by High Daevas. These are the Ashunatal Dredgion, Dangerous Ophidan Bridge, and Runatorium Ruins. (Editor’s Note: Runatorium Ruins is an advanced form of Idgel Dome.)

Also included will be high daeva arena matching. This has the purpose of separating the high daevas from the regular daevas, and will introduce a new medal system to the game as well.

Ashunatal Dredgion


Ashunatal Dredgion (Editor’s Note: It’s named after Ashunatal Shadowslip from Aturam Sky Fortress)

Ashunatal Dredgion is a new dredgion dungeon for high daevas level 66 or higher. It elevates the current dredgion experience and brings in multiple new high-powered Balaur enemies. It also now drops a new mythic headgear, “Cruel Commander’s Headpiece.” On top of the drop, it is possible to get Glory Points, and Abyss Points as a reward from the dredgion run.


Dangerous Ophidan Bridge


This particular instance is a is a competitive 6v6 battlefield exclusively for high daevas level 66 or higher. You have 20 minutes to gather the pieces for various mechanical weapons while competing against the enemy race.

When entering this dungeon, your characters will become shugo smugglers, and your goal is to protect your territory while destroying your opponent’s territories.

Runatorium Ruins


In this 6v6 party competitive dungeon for exclusive use by the high daevas, under a 20 minute time limit, Elyos and Asmodians will compete to attempt to disassemble the remaining sealed Danarian relics in the center area of the arena.

The first to accomplish this task will will win and be granted the instance rewards. These rewards include evolutionary items, and the Forgotten Kunax set drops in this instance.

Level 3 Temple Training Arena


There will be a change in the matching systems for the arenas. Currently, with 5.0, it matches from levels 61 to 75. With the change in the 5.1 update, this block of levels will be split between 61 ~ 65 and 66 ~ 75.

Along with the new exclusive use arena for high daevas levels 66 through 75, new medals have been added for rewards as well.

You can exchange these medals, to buy wings, weapons, armor from the Temple Conquerer set and new clothes.

Furthermore, in the new High Daeva Arena of Glory, there will also be a new Idian in the rewards. This new Idian will also grant PVP stats.

Stats for the Temple Conquerer Set:

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