Aion “Wind of Destiny” Update Information Part 2 – Test Server Details


This next article is about the Wind of Destiny update showing up on the test servers in Korea on 11/12/2014, and is based on a blog post from here made on that date.

As there have been updates to the server that I’ve yet to really look into, this info may be out of date already. I apologize for it taking so long, since I’ve been working on other translation projects.

One more thing to note, as with the previous article. I can’t read Korean, but I can read Japanese. This blog translates from Korean to Japanese. I’m simply translating the Japanese. If there are any errors from the original Korean, let me know.

The details can be found behind the cut.


Environment Changes

1. The discovery of a new world with an unknown power.

Cygnia and Enchar

As Beritra’s invasion increased intensity, Sarpan, Tiamaranta, and Katalam collapsed under the attack and in the rubble, a new land was discovered. The Elyos and the Asmodians became wrapped up in it during the chaos.

The daevas that survived the destruction quickly met up at their own headquarters to work up plans to explore the new location, under the potential that Tiamat once concealed them with her power. It was possible that something to take advantage over Beritra could be uncovered here. Thus, the daevas moved to these locations with the intention to capture it before Beritra.


2. Throughout the new world, one by one new barriers begin to show.

The Elyos and Asmodian militaries both met powerful lifeforms in Cygnia and Enchar, and took into their possession barrier fragments. With little comprehension of these magical stones, they used them to create large barriers and began to construct their local bases and study the barrier fragments to understand them better, as these magical stones are the keys to removing other barriers.

With the use of these barrier fragments, they are able to move throughout various locations, with the exception of the sealed Palace of Knowledge.

The Sealed Danuar Mysticarium

Before he began the invasion, Beritra’s military withdrew from the Danuar Mysticarium. The remnants of the results of various experiments can be found within. Over time, the pollution within the Palace of Knowledge began to spread, and while they were once locked away within, they have begun to change, become stronger, and escape.

The Elyos and Asmodian armies have found a way to sneak in through rifts formed in the other side of the barrier stones and attempt to gather information on the Danuar and Beritra’s military.

At the same time, Beritra’s forces have also discovered the rifts in the barrier stones, and they are attempting to snatch away the materials from the Palace of Knowledge from the Elyos and Asmodians.

– To enter the Sealed Palace of Knowledge, you can talk to an NPC located in the territory in Cygnia and Enchar.

– You can track down barrier fragments by killing monsters in Cygnia and Enchar.

* Instance Dungeon: ‘The Sealed Danuar Mysticarium’
     – Number of Players: Solo Instance
     – Level: Level 65
     – Required Items: Barrier Fragment
     – Entrance Limit: Unlimited

3. Through Beritra’s invasion, regions of Balaurea have disappeared.

Beritra, for the purposes of his invasion, has been looking for hidden artifacts, and has begun a large-scale attack. There are multiple artifacts that were located in Sarpan, Tiamaranta, and Katalam and as Beritra broke the seals on them, the three continents collapsed, sinking into the sea.

The regions that have disappeared are:
* Sarpan
* Tiamaranta
* Tiamaranta’s Eye
* Katalam
* Danaria
* Idian Depths

– Both of the ships in Sarpan will be removed, as well as any characters relevant to the two regions.

– Characters who have been bound to any locations in the destroyed regions will have their bindings reset. Elyos will be changed to Sanctum and Asmodians will be changed to Pandemonium.

– Scrolls for the removed regions will no longer be functional. Any scrolls in your possession can be sold at the purchasing value.

– The following missions will be removed from the regions: general, growth, and war quests will no longer be valid.

– Various instance dungeons will be removed from the game as they are part of the areas that have disappeared:
     * Argent Manor
     * Elementis Forest
     * Muada’s Trencher
     * Satra Treasure Hoard
     * Steel Rose
     * Steel Rose
     * Steel Rose
     * Danuar Mysticarium
     * Legion’s Danuar Mysticarium
     * Igdel Research Base
     * Void Cube
     * Legion’s Void Cube


Space-Time Rifts

1. Cygnia and Enchar have seen space-time and chaotic rifts open.

– Space-Time rifts will allow for travel to the opposing race’s lands.

– Chaotic rifts will appear systematically, and will appear less frequently than space-time rifts.

– The outskirts of chaotic rifts will have strengthened monsters. To defend against them, high-level guard NPCs will also appear. There will be a special reward for assisting in this defense.

2. The currently existing rifts, and new rifts will appear in Inggison and Gelkmaros.

– While they are somewhat like the currently existing rifts, the new ones will appear for a relatively short period of time.

– At most, 6 people can use them, and they will disappear after ten minutes.

Instance Dungeons

1. New instance dungeons will appear in the regions of Cygnia and Enchar.

Mana Kharna

After Tiamat’s death, Beritra and Ereshkigal resonated with Antriksh, and Ereshkigal’s existance was acknowledged.

With the intention to gain the relics of the Dragon Emperor, Beritra reached out to Ereshkigal, and on the outside appears to be planning to save her and set her free.

[Note: I know that the documentation for Aion has Ereshkigal listed as male, but the source I’m translating from is using ‘kanojo’ – ‘her’.]

Beritra’s real concern is not Ereshkigal’s freedom, rather unsealing the artifacts, and Ereshkigal has the knowledge to locate the whereabouts of these artifacts. As such, Ereshkigal also has high suspicions to Beritra for this reason.

The daevas have also since acquired intel to make them aware of the fact that Beritra plans to seek out Mana Kharna in an attempt to find these artifacts. As Beritra knows of these attacks, Orissa, Fregion’s guardian and Ereshkigal’s assistant, has been dispatched to defend it from their attack.


– To enter Mana Kharna, you will need to speak with an NPC. In Cygnia, they’re located at the Shrieking Lava Valley, and in Enchar, you can find them at Scream of the Dragon Emperor.

– Defeating the boss of Mana Kharna will also provide Glory Points.

* Mana Kharna
     – Number of Players: 12
     – Min Level: 65
     – Entry Reset Time: Every Wed @ 9am
     – Number of Entries: 2 times per week

– Three ‘strengthened’ dungeons will make their appearance in Cygnia and Enchar.

– Fated Rentus Base
     * Players: 6
     * Min Level: 65
     * Entry Reset Time: Every Morning at 9am
     * Number of Entries: Once per day
     * Entry Method: Entry possible through the opposition’s camp

– Stolen Danuar Sanctary
     * Players: 6
     * Min Level: 65
     * Entry Reset Time: Every Morning at 9am
     * Number of Entries: Once per day
     * Entry Method: Entry possible through the opposition’s camp

– Bitter Dragon Lord’s Refuge
     * Players: 12
     * Min Level: 65
     * Entry Reset Time: Every Morning at 9am
     * Number of Entries: Once per day
     * Entry Method: Entry possible through the opposition’s camp

3. Some instance dungeons will have new entry requirements, and will be changed.

– Rimento (formerly: Raksang)
     * Players: Changed from 6 to 1.
     * Level: Changed from 56 to level 60
     * Number of Entries: 5 per day changed to 3 per day.
     * Misc: Name change, and strategy change

– Rentus Base
     * Level: Lowered to level 57 from 60
     * Number of Entries: Twice per day to 3 times per day
     * Misc: Strategy change

[Note: While Rentus is level 59 in North America, I think at some point it changed to 60 on Korean test server.]

– Danuar Sanctuary
     * Level: Lowered from 65 to 63
     * Number of Entries: Changed from 4 times per week to 1 time per day
     * Misc: Strategy change

– Dragon Lord’s Refuge
     * Level: Lowered from 65 to 63
     * Number of Entries: Changed from 4 times per week to 1 time per day
     * Misc: Strategy Change

[Note: Once again, the article I’m writing from shows DLR at 65. Probably a change to the Korean test server.]

– Tiamat Stronghold
     * Level: Lowered from 60 to 57

– Ophidan Bridge
     * Level: Lowered from 65 to 57
     * Misc: Strategy Change

– Aturam Sky Fortress
     * Number of Entries: Changed from 1 time per day to 3 times per day
     * Misc: Strategy Change

4. Engulfed Ophidan Bridge has a new time slot:
     – Entry Time: Everyday Mon-Fri, 12 to 2am.

[Note: please note that I’m very unsure of those times. They’re written in a way I’m not used to seeing.]


1. Siege times have changed.

Time Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
18:00 ~ 19:00 Sulfur
Siel East
Siel West
Siel East
Siel West
Siel East
Siel West
Siel East
Siel West
Siel East
Siel West
22:00 ~ 23:00 Krotan
Anoha Divine

[Note: I can’t remember the NA name for Anoha. It’s one of the new ones that came up in our recent patch.]


1. The “Conqueror” and “Guardian” system has been added.

– If you defeat the enemies in an opponent’s camp, you will have the “Conqueror” status.
– If you successfully defend a camp from attack, you will have the “Defender” status.
– You can gain multiple levels of each of these statuses, adding to their abilities.
– Guardians can track down Conquerors, which can be useful during invasions.

* Conquerer
— At grade 1, PVP Attack is increased 1%
— At grade 2, PVP Attack is increased 2%
— At grade 3, PVP Attack is increased 3%

* Defender
— At grade 1, PVP defense is increased 1%
— At grade 2, PVP defense is increased 2%
— At grade 3, PVP defense is increased 3%



[Note: HUGE apology, as I’m terrible at remembering skill names! And even there, I really only know the skill names for Templar, since that’s my main class. I will be using the Japanese skill names in this, and with some help, I can go in and update them at some point.]

Outline of the Skill Changes

1) With differences between races, popular skills have been converted. (Except for skills related to summoning?)

[Note: Not quite sure the meaning on the statement above.]

2) Restrictions on what skills can be used during flight have been lifted.

3) Similar skills have been integrated to lighten the load on quickbars.

4) Some skills have been changed to allow for easier upgrades.

5) New skills have been added for classes, as well as Vision Stigmas.

6) Many of the more complex skills have been simplified.

7) Some stigma skills have been changed to regular skills to be automatically learned.

8) The stigma tree no longer restricts the use of particular stigmas, and the number of slots has been decreased to 6.

1. New Skills added for each class.

Vision Stigma:
Explosive Sword Spirit – Long-distance single target attack, as well as knockdown effect.
Pulverizing Whirlwind – Area of effect skill that can be used while moving. Can be used 3 times in quick succession.
Battlefield Flag – Calls in a flag that decreases PVP abilities and speed.

[Note: I’ve read more details on the battlefield flag skill somewhere. I can’t remember where it is, but you get boosted stats with it while decreasing others, IIRC.]

Body Blow – Deals physical damage.
Vision Stigma:
Vampyric Discipline – Absorbs HP while dealing physical damage.
Punishing Reflection – When attacked while the skill is active, 1 PC skill will be reflected back on the user.
Guardian Shield – While active, damage is significantly decreased, but movement is also decreased.

Secret Covenant – When in use, if a successful back attack is made, damage is dealt and HP is absorbed.
Vision Stigma:
Glimmering Sphere – Enemies around the assassin lose track of them. Targeting is lost, as well as the accuracy of spells cast at the assassin.
Lightning Ambush – Attack a distant target from behind and deal damage.
Mark Re-Seal – A seal on a target explodes and deals damage, then the target is ‘re-marked.’

Vision Stigma:
Shadow Hide – Drop into hide status during combat. Enemy’s lose targeting and skills targeting ranger are cancelled.
Penetrating Arrow – Damage skill with a high chance of critical. Can cause faint.
Collision Trap – Trap with a wide area knockback.

Vision Stigma:
Wind of Sleep – Targets enemies within a fixed range of the sorcerer, and has an area of effect sleep.
Grace of Blaze – While the skill is active, magic attack power is increased, and MP consumption is decreased by 20%
Consecration Barrier – While the skill is active, defense is increased significantly, but the caster cannot act.

Vision Stigma:
Command: Loyal Sacrifice – Sacrifice the spirit to gain increased damage.
Spirit Union – While this skill is active, movement, flight, and casting related stats are increased.
Wide Area Absorption – DoT damage to an area of long distance targets, and HP absorption.

Vision Stigma:
Agitating Spell – With a range around the chanter, the party’s magical attack, accuracy, and physical attack is increased.
Raging Wind – Wide area ranged attack focused on the chanter.
Branding Spell – Targets enemies within a fixed range around the chanter. Magical accuracy, and physical and magical critical chances are decreased.

Vision Stigma:
Splendor of Relief – HP is restored for the party within range of the cleric.
Trial Seal – While this skill is active, target’s magic resistance is decreased.
Summon: Provocating Opportunity – Summons the opportunity to steal away provoked targets while this is active.

[Note: I may be wrong on it. I’m not quite understanding that one.]

Vision Stigma:
Multi-Shell Bombardment – Wide area attack skill for targets within a fixed range.
Final Blow Approach – For the time this skill is active, movement speed, attack speed, and status resistance is all increased.
Magical Sphere Blind Fire – Repeated attacks fired at enemies within a fan-shaped range, and HP absorption.

Alarm – Active skill. [Note: I’m not 100% sure on the terms being used in this.]
Vision Stigma:
High Speed Electrification – Recovers some of the player’s own MP, and slowly continues recovery as long as the skill is active.
Photoelectric Wave – Strikes enemies in a fan shaped area of effect, and paralyzes them.
Idium Explosion – A wide area of effect charge attack that is centered on the character.

Friction Chord – Ranged attack for a fan shaped area of enemies.
Delightful Melody – Centered on self, this effects the party around the songweaver increases defense and max HP.
Vision Stigma:
Purification Nocturne – Area of effect skill to remove status effects from party members.
Illusionary Variation – Powerful charge attack.
Illusionary Confusion Song – While this skill is active, the target’s attack power and magic boost are decreased.

2. All classes will have skills re-integrated.

Inefficient skills and skills not commonly used are being unified into single skills.

– Cut Strike is removed, integrated with Sharp Strike
Existing consecutive use skills have been integrated into one, and can be used twice in succession.

– Revenge Smash is removed, integrated with Deft Counterattack.
Cooldown time has also been decreased.

– Swirl Guard, Counter Attack Mode have been removed and integrated with Defense Mode.
Defense is raised, and fire resistance is being added.

– Sword Force Throw and Sword Force Explosion are removed, integrated with Wing Blade.
The skill will also have a movement speed decrease placed on its target.

– Attack Mode removed, integrated with Fight Mode.
This has become a skill that’s automatically learned, PVP attack decreased to increase offensive power.

– Stamina Recovery is removed and integrated with Revenge Armor.
…and HP recovery amount is increased.

– Threat Wave, Sword Force Wave, and Sword Force Nova are removed and integrated with Threat Nova
Integrated into becoming a more powerful skill called Threat Nova

– Shockwave is removed and integrated with Pressure Wave.
Cooldown time is also decreased.

– DP Explosion is removed, and integrated with Rage Explosion.
Integrated with racial skill.

– Nezekan Bless is removed, and integrated with Zikel Bless.
Integrated with racial skill.

– Menace is removed, and integrated with Anger Induction.
Includes the possibility of a status effect on the targeted enemy.

– Restoration Hand, Encourage Howl are removed and integrated into Revival of the Dead
Changing the targeting of the skill to make it more useful.

– Darkness Discipline, Light Discipline, and Death God Discipline removed, integrated with Empyrian Discipline
Amount of damage is increased and the cooldown time is decreased.

– Blow Back Severe Blow, Weaken Severe Blow, Divine Blow removed, and integrated with Enervating Severe Blow.
The amount of damage is increased, and the target’s physical defense is decreased.

– Shield Blow is removed and integrated with Punishing Strike.
Amount of damage is increased, and magic resistance against the enemy is increased.

– Insult Lure is removed and integrated into Blowback Lure.
Changed into an automatically learned skill.

– Divine Punishment, Dark Punishment removed, integrated into Sacred Retaliation
Integrated with racial skill.

– Zikel Shield is removed and integrated into Nezakan Shield.
Racial skill integrated and cooldown time is decreased.

-Speed Slash is removed, and integrated into Lightning Slash.
Magic Accuracy and elemental resistance decrease has been included.

– Abaddon Pattern Nova, Sky Pattern Explosion, Light Pattern Explosion, Darkness Pattern Nova removed, integrated with Silent Pattern Explosion.
Racial skill integrated, cooldown time decreased, with an attack speed decrease effect added.

– Bless Eye Pattern Explosion removed, integrated with Pattern Crush.
Changed into an automatically learned skill.

– Apply Poison removed, integrated with Drastic.
There’s a fixed chance for poison affecting the target now.

– Sudden Attack Stance removed, integrated with Alert Stance.
Decreased attack power to self removed, and cooldown time decreased.

– Attack Blindside removed, integrated with Quickness Contract.
Increased chances for critical with physical attacks.

– Dark Strike removed, integrated with Divine Strike.
The amount of damage dealt is increased.

– Aerial Wild Shot removed, integrated with Scream Arrow.
Changed to an automatically learned skill.

– Snare Trap removed, integrated with Vengeful Spirit Trap
Integrated to a similar skill.

– Shock Arrow removed, integrated with Shackle Arrow.
Changed to an automatically learned skill.

– Condor Arrow, Deadly Arrow removed, integrated with Gryphoenix Arrow.
Changed to an automatically learned skill.

– Destruction Trap, Explosion Trap removed, integrated with Burst Trap, Poison Trap, Dust Trap.
The damage of the traps are increased.

– Earth Robe removed, integrated with Blaze Robe.
The restoration amount has been increased.

– Wind Robe removed, integrated with Chill Robe.
Magic counterbalancing effect increased.

– Lumiel’s Wisdom removed, integrated with Paizel’s Wisdom.
Changed to an automatically learned skill, additional effect of decreased MP consumption added.

– Pandemonium Spell removed, integrated with Divine Spell.
Racial skills integrated.

– Divine Explosion and Dark Explosion removed, integrated with Lumiel’s Grief.
Racial skills integrated, cooldown time decreased.

– Lava Typhoon, Lava Tsunami, Volcanic Explosion removed, integrated with Volcanic Blowout.
Changed to an automatically learned skill.

– Kaisinel’s Lath removed, integrated with Lumiel’s Lath.
Racial skills integrated, cooldown time decreased.

– Severe Cold removed, integrated with Gray Silhouette.
Racial skills integrated. Cooldown link to Stamina Absorb skill removed.

[Note: I’m seriously not 100% sure on the integrated name.]


– Command: Scapegoat removed, integrated with Command: Protect.
Changed to an automatically learned skill.

– Command: Explosion removed, integrated with Command: Total Blaze.
General damage increased, replacing the increased damage against opposing race and Balaur.

– Boost Spirit: Recovery removed, integrated with Boost Spirit: Heal, Boost Spirit: Elemental Armor.
Boost Spirit: Heal: Cooldown time decreased.
Boost Spirit: Elemental Armor: Raised the amount the spirit’s HP is increased.

– Fire Bless removed, integrated with Command: Protection Wall.
Support effect for the amount of damage reflected from fire spirit increased.

– Energy Absorb removed, integrated with Drain.
Cooldown time decreased.


– Magical Curtain removed, integrated with Gut Rebirth.
Changed to an automatically learned skill.

– Boundary Curtain, Boundary Spell, Block Spell removed, integrated with Block Curtain.
Changed to an automatically learned skill, cooldown time decreased.

– Burst Advise removed, integrated with Protection Spell.
Changed to a greater stigma, added effect of stun resistance.

– Life Bless removed, integrated with Protect Bless, and Protection Bless.
Protect Bless: Added effect of increased max HP.
Protection Bless: Increased the amount of the raised max HP.

– Strike Rush removed, integrated with Penetrate.
Racial skills integrated.

– Accurate Mantra removed, integrated with Earth Promise.
Changed to an automatically learned skill.

– Wind Promise removed, integrated with Awake Spell.
Additional effect of weapon defense increased.

– Marchutan’s Protect, Yustiel’s Protect removed, integrated with Divine Protect.
Racial skills integrated.

– Memory Crash, Karma down removed, integrated with Stability.
Changed to an automatically learned skill, cooldown time decreased.

– Empyrean Grace removed, integrated with Quickness Prayer.
Changed to an automatically learned skill, casting time and cooldown time decreased.
Also, skill cost decreased.

– Yustiel’s Splendor, Marchutan’s Splendor, Yustiel’s Light, Marchutan’s Light removed, integrated with Recovery Splendor.
Racial skills integrated. Amount of HP recovered increased, HP regeneration effect added.

– Reincarnation removed, integrated with Hand of Reincarnation.
Changed to an automatically learned skill. Effect time changed. Cooldown time decreased. Can use the skill to target self as well. Effects are increased.

– Revival Light removed, integrated with Light of Rebirth.
Changed to remove duplicate revival spells.

– Judgment Lightning removed, integrated with Recovery Block.
Given an added effect of magic resist decrease.

– Earth Rage, and Punishing Lightning removed, integrated with Discipline Lightning.
Cooldown link to Condemnation Strike has been removed.

– Purification and Fairness removed, integrated with Purification Light.
Cooldown time has been increased, in return for being able to target others in the party.

– Power Grant removed, integrated with Brilliant Protection.
Cooldown time decreased, added revival ability.

[Note: this may be incorrect.]

– Grace of Resurrection removed, integrated with Loci Resurrection.
Soul Sickness relief has been integrated.

– Life Bless removed, integrated with Protect Bless.
Increased HP effect added.

– Darkness Protection removed, integrated with Salvation.
Racial skills integrated.

-Blowback Attack removed, integrated with Alarm.
Additional effect for ‘enmity adjustment’

[Note: Exact words there. Not quite sure the direction for it.]

-Magical Plunder removed, integrated with Magic Power Inhale, Magic Power Absorb.
Magic Power Inhale: Cooldown time decreased, damage and MP recovery increased.
Magic Power Absorb: Cooldown time decreased, damage amount increased.

-Magic Disturb Sound removed, integrated with Ocean Variation, Peace March.
Ocean Variation: Charge speed modified. Magic counterbalance decrease effect added, cooldown time decreased.
Peace March: Magic counterbalance decreased effect added.

3. All classes will have skills removed.

– Flight based skills, low level only, and inefficient skills are being removed.

Skills Removed:
Shield Counterattack
Shield Defense
Crash Wave
Weaken Severe Blow

Stigmas Removed:
Ancient Stigma: Sword Force Wave
Ancient Stigma: Threat Wave
Ankle Ensnare
Vitality Burst
Destruction Strike

Skills Removed
Steel Wall Defense
Shield Defense
Flight Capture
Flash Slash
Focus Snatch
Shield Brandish

Stigmas Removed
Ancient Stigma: Death God Discipline
Ancient Stigma: Empyrean Discipline
Terror Howl
Restoration Power

Skills Removed
Dagger Throw
Flying Dagger
Shadow Hide

Stigmas Removed
Ancient Stigma: Light Pattern Explosion
Ancient Stigma: Darkness Pattern Nova
Burst Scar
Spear Throw
Flash Explosion

Skills Removed
Assault Arrow
Gryphon Arrow
Poison Arrow
Deadly Poison Arrow
Vaizel Arrow
Scream Rapid Fire
Focus Rapid Bow
Triniel Arrow
Storm Mine

Stigmas Removed
Ancient Stigma: Gryphon Arrow
Ancient Stigma: Condor Arrow
Cool Simurgh
Snipe Stance
Absorb Volition

Skills Removed
Wind Arrow
Blaze Spear
Shooting Star Smash
Energy Absorb
Hell Flame

Stigmas Removed
Ancient Stigma: Lava Tsunami
Ancient Stigma: Volcanic Explosion
Boost Bless
Cut Boundary
Dispel Sleep
Flame Explosion

Skills Removed
Command: Detonation
Boost Spirit: Ran
Command: Sacrifice
Energy Absorb

Stigmas Removed
Ancient Stigma: Command: Detonation
Ancient Stigma: Command: Sacrifice
Sleep Prisoner
Element Transfer
Command: Happiness

Removed Skills
Protect Advice
Magical Advice
Victory Mantra
Clever Mantra
Spirit Energy
Revival Light
Confident Defense

Stigmas Removed
Ancient Stigma: Boundary Spell
Ancient Stigma: Block Spell
Absorb Spell
Ode Promise
Doom Strike

Skills Removed
Resurrection Light
Thorn Barrier
Cordial Protection
Wind Promise
Cold Divine Protection

Stigmas Removed
Ancient Stigma: Marchutan’s Light
Ancient Stigma: Yustiel’s Light

Skills Removed
Disturb Bomb

Skills Removed
Disturb Bomb
Counter Punch
Namaste Successive Strike
Flight Charge Attack
Flight Fire Cannon
Flight Tuneup

Skills Removed
Restrain Proshive [Note: Not sure on this one.]
Wing Melody
Tidy Howling
Clean Howling

4. All classes have a change to their skills.
– Skill use cost, damage, casting time, cooldown times, and related skill cooldowns have changed.
– Most skills have at least one change: added effects, modifications, or removal.
– All skills have been changed to be usable in flight, so flight-only skills have been removed.
– Since some skills have had cooldown, or shared cooldown changes, special cooldown conditions may have changed, too.

5. Skill upgrade structure has changed.
– Skills no longer have I, II, III, IV, V, etc versions. They now level on their own.

6. For casting skills or charged skills, the casting times have changed.

7. New system messages added or situations when skills cannot be used.
– When a skill can’t be used for various situations- required weapon not equipped, target out of range, a message will be displayed to state the requirement needed for the skill’s use.

There will be more information on the skill changes in the next post.

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