The Rules I Will Follow About Twitter

I started a wordy post about my feelings about twitter and quitting it and the why’s and stuff, then I decided that I just didn’t care that much anymore. I’m too hurt to really bother explaining myself.

I’ve realized that I need to set out some ground rules. I didn’t deactivate my account, so I’ll still get emails on DMs. Don’t take that as a reason to DM DM DM DM. I may or may not respond, if I feel like it.

I will continue to work on Endless History. I won’t bring my personal commentary in on it. I probably won’t view the main feed, except do targeted searches specifically for the site. Twitter is still a jump off source for some of my articles, so… I can view @mentions from the dashboard of my site and reply to them from there. I will also probably still tweet game related things from @FloofyGaming- I have a bunch of Sen II screenshots to start tweeting again! But for the time being, I’m done being open and chatty. I’ve learned that there’s no room for being unique anymore. You have to be a sheep and march to everyone’s drumbeat- they may not say it to you, but I’m 100% sure that people are thinking it.

Anyhow, I’m also still available by the usual venues. I’m not going to immediately turn into a luddite! And maybe I’ll be back to twitter once I have myself sorted out again. I’m very wounded from hurtful things said on twitter, and needed to limp away and hide for awhile. Sticking my head in the sand didn’t help at all, and when I started mass muting 2x the accounts I had muted since my first announcement for it, I knew something was wrong.

But I saw several things that got me to thinking some really awful and scary thoughts- and I was in bed, actually entertaining said thoughts, I knew that I had to cut something off from my life. If it was going to be twitter, so be it.

I’ll admit, life is suddenly a lot more boring! I wanted to tweet the awesome arrangement of peaches I did on my cottage cheese this morning, for example. At the same time, I feel numb, and it’s kind of a good ‘healing’ numb. I already feel better with what time I’ve taken away from it.

Give me a week or two. Or maybe three, four, or more (rhyming~)… but I don’t doubt that the lure of twitter will bring me back into its warm, wonderful fold at some point.

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