[Work in Progress] Blade Updates – 4/16/2014


The first player vs player test of Blade happened this past weekend, and a bunch of adjustments were made. The big adjustment is that the game is now, as you see in the photo above, two decks. Two decks with 30 cards each. The primary balance is because this will prevent one player from taking all the higher ranked cards, and still maintains a bit of a crazed system between the two.

There will be more count tests before the decks are finalized, but there was a moment of doing ‘two identical decks?’ –which I personally felt to be weird.

But a magical tweet came to the rescue! @jdkluv pointed out to me that Blade happens to be in Brandish, too. Despite having played Dark Revenant on the PSP, I didn’t spend much time in the casino and didn’t realize this.


As a result, the basis of the second deck has been settled. The two decks will be individually distinctive, making it easy to separate them and not let them get mixed up, as they’ll both be in the same box.


Speaking of the design, the basis has been outlined with the printer- the game will have the cards, the box, and a booklet packaged with it.


However, as this is a side project on everything else, time has only permitted me to get one of the card backs done, design-wise…


I got my proof done for the back of the Sen deck. When I finally saw the cut lines on it, I was absolutely delighted and amazed at seeing it. It felt good seeing something like this in my own progress.


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