Aion Fashion Show – What Characters Do I Play?


I make it no secret that I have a ton of characters on Aion. I also make it no secret that most (not all!) are named after characters from other sources. I shamelessly show my love for the Kiseki series with a bunch of characters designed and named after them, but a couple of other loves in other areas.

I’m really only showing off my characters that have had some major amounts of play. Some are just… there and I’ve not done anything with really. But there are characters that I have shown some interest in pushing forward with, even if they’re only level 20 or so. They will be included in this. I also have a LOT of characters, due to have multiple accounts. It’s free to play, so why not, right?

There will be lots of images, so the rest of this post will be behind a cut.

Considering the list to go through, it’s probably best to begin with my main.



Riess is a level 65 Templar, usually kept in tank spec. She’s named after Ries Argent of the Kiseki series. She originally started with the name RiesArgent, but then I realized that the name ‘Riess’ was not taken. Somehow. So I took it.


In Aion, though, she’s seen a very slow leveling process, more dredge runs than can be counted, running away from Asmos (remember- I keep in tank build usually!), and leading parties to dominate against Asmo groups! (Tank build templars are great support for PVP parties!) She found the Triroan Greatsword on the first try, been an active part of sieges- holding aggro against dieties, and even facing Hyperion itself.

Riess has quite a few looks, considering the requirements of the templar class needing multiple sets of armor for different situations. One of her common looks is the one with the leaf picture- which is a slight variation of her regular HP set. She can be found in either black, white, or a white and blue set for the most part.


Her primary gear is her HP set, which is mostly composed of the Hyperion Mythic gear from Infinity Shard. This is what you’ll see her in for the most part.


Riess also has amazing, black tipped wings. Sadly, if I left EPIC to go to a legion that didn’t use black as its main color, then they wouldn’t look anywhere near as awesome. :(


To run some instances, I also needed a set that would boost my Magic Resist. The usual set recommended for such a thing is the Kahrun gear, since it has the ability to push quite a bit up on the MR stats. Most of the Kahrun is kept with its regular appearance, but the helmet and shoulders come from other items.

It’s great fun to run around this with so many magic boost based classes, because I have the MR to laugh at a majority of them if they don’t socket Magic Accuracy. The slew of ‘resist’ messages that pop up when they attack is usually extremely satisfying.

The look for this set was inspired not so much by Ries, herself in Sora no Kiseki the 3rd, but moreso her S-Craft, and the angel she summons with it. Not quite there, but I’m pleased with the appearance, nonetheless.


I am especially happy with the shield I use with the set, though Riess has it with an entirely different set in the screenshot above.


Then there’s the image I posted before, where a lighting glitch made the Kahrun set look crazy awesome.


The third gear set for Riess is her PVP set. The Discordant gear is skinned with the early version of it- the gold version dyes different than the eternal, and I loved how the blue and white looked together on it. It would’ve been blue and black had I gone with the eternal. Not as cool. :(


The set is identified by its skirt and has a somewhat phoenix motif in its design, with flames worked into the boots, gloves, and shield, and a bird perched on the shoulder plate. Sadly, when I made it, for some reason, Vinna petals were kind of pricy. ._.;;

…last but not least.

How can you have Ries without her characteristic sword from the Kiseki series??

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget that either. While it’s not a single handed sword, the Triroan Greatsword that I mentioned earlier has been appropriated despite its 15 level difference between it and her current gear. It’s purpose is to keep enemies from kiting, and immobilize them so that I can get to them with a proper weapon and beat the crap out of them. :D




The inspiration for my cleric’s name should be obvious. She’s also from the Kiseki series, inspired by the character of the same name. She’s a heal spec cleric, but I feel a little afraid playing her, because I don’t think I’m as good of a cleric as others I’ve run with in the past. I do try to take their advice, though.

Tio hasn’t become much of a crazed fashion doll, in a sense. Primarily, because she only really has one particular set of gear right now, as she’s not even being used in PVP. While the current set looks nothing like what Tio typically wears, I love it. So shut up. xD

For her, I managed to get another extension weapon, by chance, and I’ve been considering a PVP set, which will require setting up an expensive magic boost set and prepping a staff. Ouch.

For now, I’m content with what she has.


Oh yeah, Tio also has cat ears. I just… am not 100% convinced on them. Not yet.



I was stunned that this name wasn’t taken. So I snatched it up. She originally was my alchemy alt, to make potions and everything, but she’s since become useful in other areas. As a sorcerer, she has very good damage output.

She is named and somewhat designed after Mariabell Crois from Zero and Ao no Kiseki.



She definitely is a bit of a dress-up doll, except she’s got one outfit that I’m pretty content with at the moment. It has a cool, ethereal look to it with a spinal tail coming off of the back of the dress top. I either wear it with a black skirt, or the matching skirt, which really looks like she needs pants. But this is Bell. She can rock a short skirt.


Mariabell also has a crazy, pink full length gown- the princess dress.


She also has this awesome black skirt, but I don’t have anything to go with it. Yet. ;)



Breaking away from the Kiseki references, my ranger is named after Canal Vorfeed of the anime, manga, and Japanese light novel series, Lost Universe. I’m not 100% sure why I made a ranger based on a computer hologram that loves weapons, but can’t aim, but I did. For some reason. That, and Milly would probably be more like a gunslinger than a ranger, I suspect. (Kane? Gladiator or Templar? – probably gladiator!)

Canal’s still leveling quickly (despite the fact that I don’t play her as much as I probably should), so she’s got a few skins that I won’t use yet, as they’re “one time use” skins. It’d be a shame to waste them on a weapon or chest piece that I’ll be getting rid of soon.


One such skin is the pink maid outfit, for obvious reasons. I couldn’t get it to do the coloring of Canal’s outfit in Lost Universe, but that’s okay! I think it works amusingly well like this. There are bows on the sleeves, the back, and matching mary janes with it. If only they had the ribbons, but the tall socks work fine anyways.

This outfit will eventually become a permanent one, later on in her lifespan, I’d hope.


The next skin that has yet to be used is Canal’s hi-tech looking void trace bow. The perfect thing to be carried by the computer system of a Lost Ship, amiright? :D


Canal’s primary outfit, however, is quite a bit different from the maid outfit, and it will be difficult to eventually leave it, I think.


What’s amazing about it though is how it changes to look like it’s on fire when you go into combat.



Yes. I totally nabbed the name Vorfeed as well. I was surprised that both it AND Canal were not taken, considering how long Aion’s been free to play. This time, however, I wanted to do something different from Vorfeed.



No. Wait.


Vorfeed is, in fact, an Aethertech. This means that her Cypherblade (lol) is capable of summoning a machine called a Bastion. She’s still very new to the ranks of my characters, but I’ve already put enough effort in making her look a certain way that I will most definitely get to playing her. Eventually.

Something to note, however, is the intricate detailing of her current outfit- the chain from Infinity Shard. Except she’s too low level to run it. So it’s just a skin. One day, she’ll have to real thing. Hopefully. This is actually one of my favorite skins in the game, however. (Ignore the clipping in the images below.)



Named after Vita Clotilde of Sen no Kiseki, Klotilde is a songweaver- a class that uses music to perform magic. Fitting for the famous diva of the Erebonian Empire!


She, like both Riess and Vorfeed, can be found wearing a dyed version of a Hyperion skin. In her case, it has a rich cobalt blue color- which I found to be amazing. I seriously don’t see her changing skins anytime soon. You can also find her with and without glasses.


She totally has a bird, too. A very fitting one. :D



Last, but not least, my gunslinger.

Seriously. With this hair option available for characters, and for this class, how could I resist making a character based on Crow from Sen no Kiseki? I seriously dislike his current shoulder gear, but it really can’t be helped for the time being. It’ll be something I will work with at some point in the future, though.


However, for the time being, with the exception of the awful shoulder pieces, I love his look. I will probably stick with it for awhile, or until I find something better. There IS an outfit I may take in the future, but we’ll see.


Bonus: Crow has a cloth outfit. It looks like the above. I don’t know why I made it. I just think it looked awesome and wanted to keep it.

Bonus Images!


A random Asmo I created somewhere. She’ll probably become a chanter when I decide to level her. Her name is Taeyleia – kind of a butchering of a name of a character I made elsewhere. Which was taken. Heathens. The screenshot above was taken during chargen, and looks way better than she does now, for some reason.


This is Nandhina. She’s a gunner. Another gunner. I don’t know why I made her. I just wanted someone with bright red hair. She’s named after my Japanese server character.


Speaking of my Japanese character. She’s an aethertech (Gear Wing in Japanese) named Nandina. I play her on the Japanese Siel server.


I also have a spiritmaster that I don’t really play anymore named Tialuna. She’s not very high level. Maybe I’ll pick her up again sometime. We’ll see.


And this is Lufina, my asmo cleric that may, or may not, exist somewhere on the game. I don’t know where she is. ;) Or maybe I do???

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