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The above picture is of Daisy, the dachshund that belongs to some very dear friends of mine.

As a dachshund owner myself, when I saw my friend’s post that Daisy couldn’t use her back legs, I was horrified. Now I hear that they need to pull together $3600 for Daisy’s back surgery.

This is from him directly:

My wife got back from the vet in tears. Seems Daisy has somehow injured one of the discs in her back, and she now requires back surgery. Back surgery that will cost $3600!!! We don’t have anything remotely close to that amount… I don’t know what to do.

I put in for a loan against my 401K at my job to try to get the money, but I’m told it’ll take 3 to 5 days for it to hit my account and the vet says Daisy needs the surgery ASAP or else she may permantely lose her motor functions in her back legs or even possibly die.

I’m so upset… I don’t know what to do…

Thank you everyone who has donated so far, and for anyone else who wishes to donate, sent them via paypal to . I’ll find some way to repay you guys. Don’t know how, but I will.

The worst feeling is having a pet you love and being unable to do anything for them. In the case of Daisy, the help is there, but it’s out of reach, due to money reasons. He’s asking for donations via paypal. I can’t give much myself, but I know that multiple people can probably help.

He does a lot of ebay auctions, and he’s a comic writer/artist. I can’t speak for him, but I’m sure he’ll do anything to help Daisy, because I know how much she means to him.

I can keep people posted on his ebay account for when he gives me the information, but for now, any little bit helps. I generally don’t reach out like this, but this friend is like my brother, and Daisy is such a sweetheart. If anything, please spread the word for her. $3600 is a LOT of money, and especially at this time of year, this must be very very hard on them.

Thank you so much.

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