About My Last Post

I know that there are some people who really wonder why I did what I did with that post. I wanted to clear up a few things before potential rumors start flying. This way, you can say you saw it from me directly. (That, and you know. CYA and all. :D)

Let me first start by ruling out revenge. I did not do this as any sort of ‘revenge’ against John Sears. I have other things to be angry about- like that stupid upper-C key that sticks on my player piano and I can’t fix. Or whoever that Mr. John Smith is in the mercedes that just cut me off when I’m running late to work. (In other words, I really don’t stay angry for long.)

This is because I saw that a community of gamers was upset- these people truly loved the game Sora, and it bothered me to see what I thought were legitimate gripes being turned into flame bait from a troll that just never learned to grow up before he got into the industry. By telling this community what I know means that 1) they can understand what has happened to them, and 2) hopefully make it so that they’re the last community of gamers to have this happen to them.

After seeing Aerial Translation Group, and Omega Translation House, and whatever else I’ve seen in this whole thing, and his penchant for a crazy number of email addresses… He can just change his name and hide, as long as people don’t know his real name. This way, he has to own what’s happened and he has to learn to take responsibility instead of just… changing his name and harassing people until they shut up.

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