Last night, Scooter thought a bottle of Nair looked appetizing and tried to eat it. Poison control suggested I take him to an emergency vet, but he seemed fine, and didn’t seem to ingest much (if any) at all before I got it and snatched the bottle from him.

I decided, for financial reasons, to watch him and wait until morning, then take him to his usual vet instead. (And as great as they were, I don’t think I could bear to go back to the same emergency vet where Maggie was put to sleep unless it was absolutely horrific.)

Scooter was fine this morning when I got up as well. But my vet wanted to keep him. I handed the poison control case # and everything to them, and they told me that I’d hear back on his treatment before lunch, so that I could try and take him home and then work late to make up coming in to the office late. (I can’t leave him after 5:30 at the vet.)

I guess that meant hearing about him by 12:00 on the dot.

Because things are completely quiet, and now I’m starting get really worried. Is everything really ‘just ok?’ Did I do something wrong by waiting overnight?

The fact that I’m /dead tired/ doesn’t help much at the moment, it’s making me more agitated and anxious… but while I was pretty calm about it this morning, I feel like that calm is starting to quickly fade. :(

Scooter is okay. He is on medication at the vet’s clinic and will be ready to be picked up when I’m off work. Thank goodness.

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