New Project Name – Job Craziness

We’ve got a new website project to create a ‘global shopping experience’ for our customers. Apparently, we’re going to be changing a lot of stuff over and all. And there’s all sorts of little things to go with it. They want us to create a new project name.

Well, there were little things like ‘Epiphany,’ ‘Project One World,’ ‘Foresight,’ ‘Morph,’… all of these names.

Well, someone dropped ‘Cloverfield’ into the list. I lost it. My coworkers love it. I voted on it.

It’s the winning the vote from all my coworkers at work. Another coworker put it best- she asked her boss ‘Why Cloverfield?’ He sent her the promo. She already knew the movie, so she was unsurprised with it… but after seeing the destruction caused to New York in the promo, she knew it was the right name for our new website project.

I love my job.

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