The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky Arseille 1/200 Coldcast Model

Late last year, I ended up preording and nabbing the Kotobukiya made, Cold-Cast 1/200th scale Arseille model. This is still available on Falcom’s website for 17,400 yen. ($212.04, as of 4/25/11).

There are no words to describe how incredible this model is. As it is a cold-cast resin model, it has a very clear texture to it, while pieces feel weighty and sturdy, it feels extremely fragile at the same time- especially the fins and propellers that are on it. This is not something that can survive a drop, but that much is obvious.

(As with all of my photos- you can click on it to enlarge it~)

The base is a formation of clouds, and it has a plaque on it to label that it is, in fact, the Arseille from Sora no Kiseki.

I will have more images of the model behind the cut.

Finally a shot with a UMD to give an idea of the scale of the model.

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