Head of ngmoco Calling NGP “Dead on Arrival”

There was a post from the mobile game developer, ngmoco, about Sony’s NGP. Neil Young is saying that the NGP is going to fail.

Per the article on Destructoid, “I think they are hurt; I think they’re clearly hurt,” is what he’s saying about the handhelds from both Nintendo and Sony. And he immediately compares them to the price points and options that are available in the… wait for it App Store.


You’re going to compare a device that’s made specifically for gaming to the iPhone, which is pretty and all, but I’d never be caught dead with one. Primarily because they’re only just now starting to put games on it that have substance.

“It’s not a PS3 quality experience…” and for someone who was promoting the app store moments before, he’s suddenly wanting PS3 quality. The iPhone can’t even dream of achieving *that*.

Nevertheless, most of the comments of both articles (listed below) fit my opinion on this. Neil just needs to sit down and shut up before he makes himself look anymore stupid than he already is.

Actually, the best comment is something I can agree on:
Neil, when your beloved iPhone can run Metal Gear Solid 4, then you can talk.

[ Industry Gamers Article ]
[ Destructoid Article ]

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