Grief, and an Apology

Didn’t I say I’d stop running these RL posts? I don’t know why they keep interfering. Life has a way of doing that, however, doesn’t it?

One week ago today, I finally had the chance to stream again. I started by playing some Uncharted 2 on Crushing. And ohgod, ow.

Afterwards, I went to stream some of Spelunker HD. However, during the stream, I must apologize for abruptly cutting it off in the middle and abandoning it with little explanation.

Today marks a week without Maggie- my rescued fox terrier. On my streams on my own channel, when I’ve turned on my webcam, she’s loitered around, or slept in the background. She’s made appearances while I’ve been trying to hold conversations on streams, and she’s even shown up in my photographs on here, surrounded by poms.

I stopped my stream abruptly because she became violently ill on my bed behind me. I had to gather my wits (which I didn’t do very well), a sick dog wrapped in a blanket, call an emergency vet, and transport her. Several hours later, I had to sign her to be euthanized. It was the most difficult decision to do.

Today, one week later, it still hurts significantly. She can be found in one of my webcam videos on my jtv archive. I thought I’d find closure with receiving her ashes from her cremation, but it’s still hard to sleep. It’s still hard to stay in my room, where she got sick.

This has been the cause for my disappearance, and I apologize significantly for it. I don’t know if I’ll be able to play either Uncharted 2 or Spelunker HD for awhile, due to my association from them to that night.

What I will do, however, is perhaps find something else I can use instead and continue to entertain, once I pick myself back up again.

But for now, I still feel like a large chunk of who I am has been cut out.

I’ve gone on a relative hiatus from my website (which I should post), and I intend to overhaul it when I can.

But until I can fully pick up the pieces and sort through them and get back to moving again, I may not be very active in the streaming world or web world.

For now, however… have a pair of videos from my Uncharted 2 run. You can see quite a bit of failure in the very beginning. Such an amazing precursor for what will be to come on Crushing. ;o;

Watch live video from omgfloofy of the Sanctuary Crew! on

Watch live video from omgfloofy of the Sanctuary Crew! on

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