Learn Your States, CNN!!

I’d expect the people at CNN with their shiny papers and degrees to be able to make sure that their articles don’t go out with a blatant mistake such as this!!

So I made this to tweet at them.


About 2-3 minutes after I tweeted to CNN with the image, the headlines were all pulled. About 10 minutes later, the headlines were returned with the states corrected. Whoo!

@CNN fails at identifying US states. http://bit.ly/gGUGZP Arizona listed as Utah and Utah listed as Arizona? C’mon guys! The west is EASY.

One thought on “Learn Your States, CNN!!”

  1. Oh my god. c_c Between this and the grammar mistakes… How the hell can they mix that kind of stuff up as the largest news corporation?! It’s pathetic. I read it like I read Fandom Wank now, more for the fail than the actual content!

    Even if I don’t know all my states by heart I at least wouldn’t be so dumb not to doublecheck them!

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