Real Life – It exists?! – Sickness

So I’ve spent the past 60’ish hours in bed, more or less, bedridden with what appeared to be the early signs of pneumonia. It was awful, I’ll give you that.

It got in the way of a lot of things. I was going to go see my brother this week for dinner (Korean BBQ- if you’re in Dallas, check out Chang Jing on Greenville just south of Arapaho), I’ve had updates that needed to be done to the Sanctuary Crew website, I’ve had an unopened copy of Lords of Shadow (more on that later) sitting on my shelf, and I just picked up the LE box of Oath in Felghana that was released by XSEED this week. (Yet I’m playing Phoenix Wright on my DS. what. D:)

Instead, I spent much of the 60 hours sleeping, sick, and barely capable of sitting up on my own. However, I got a bunch of medicine (z-pack!) and lost the bonus moolah for the work I put in for OT. (ugh)

This week has been a bit crap. But maybe if I can get my fever down (if! I’ll have to talk to my baby brother again tomorrow), we can try to get something to eat together. I’m able to stay awake and move around a lot more. I’m able to breathe without wheezing now, too.

…except I’ve got a pesky fever that still won’t go away.

After ExtraLife, I spent a lot of time recovering and ran out to Los Angeles. There I had a great lunch, made new friends, got to go to Disneyland (first visit!), had hakata style ramen (omg wyrdwad, thank you for showing me that place!), did a ton of karaoke, and more!

I’m still a bit in the recovery phase, but I’ve been doing some idle work for Eidenyaku, had a minor issue show up that still needs a post made, and a few other things.

We’ll see what happens, but health first. We’ll get that handled as soon as possible. :D

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