Countdown to Zero no Kiseki – Five Days to Zero

I can’t believe it’s five days till!

Anyway… Sorry for such a short post today. Today was long, and I didn’t have a time to finish the one I intended. Thankfully, I made a backup, just in case.

I will have this translated later.


Of course, as always, food is good. After a trip to the stockyards, the poms chose to go for a hearty meal.

This restaurant ‘names’ you after a celebrity or fictional character to go with your entree. The Poms got to be Cyndi Lauper.

A soda and homemade pickles start the meal.

But the main course was a meaty cheeseburger, with fresh veggies, and curly fries.

The poms were pleased and energized to go on their next adventure.

All photos were taken at The Twisted Root Burger Company in Richardson, Texas.

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  1. Gabriel, o problema é que muita gente trata isso como uma caixa preta. Algumas pessoas não gostam de dizer, devem ter seus motivos. Poucos são os blogs que possuem um media kit público, por exemplo.Vocês podem dizer o quanto cada um acha que seria justo cobrar? Que parâmetro utilizar?

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