Countdown to Zero no Kiseki – Two Days to Zero

The game is packed up? Copies will be shipping tomorrow~

Translated by c_ling @ twitter, as always. Thanks~

The poms’ trip found them in a bag. It was dark inside. (No, there was no Grue, thankfully.)

The poms realized they were in a pair of shoes once the bag was opened.

The noise of pins crashing only told them that they were in one place. A bowling alley.

They knew this was no place for cute little poms. They took refuge, once again, back in the bag.

The bag was soon closed up and they were back on another, lengthy trip. Hopefully it would be home, next.
あの袋はすぐ閉まってまた長い旅を続きます。今度は自分の世界ならいいですね。 :(

Photos taken at Plano Super Bowl in Plano, Texas.

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