Countdown to Zero no Kiseki – Three Days to Zero

Three days left! Everyone else excited?!

The next two posts after this will have only a couple of photos, sadly. However, I do intend a specialty post at the end of all of this to make up for everything.

Japanese translation provided by c_ling @ twitter.

In order to find a way home, the poms decide it best to find a higher vantage point, as attempted once before.

The giant ‘dandelion’ tower was scratched off the list quickly. It was hard to find a way up.

The vantage point from the sixth floor of this building didn’t provide much help, nor answers to old questions.

Great view of arts complexes- but the poms aren’t here to see the symphony or opera.

The poms have never seen a city like this! Where do they go from this point?

They chose to hitch a ride with a business man. Who knows where he’s going?

Bonus photo! Was it the poms on the Grassy Knoll?! The world may never know…

Buildings featured are all from downtown Dallas, Texas:
Reunion Tower and the Reunion Hyatt
The Texas School Book Depository / Dealey Plaza (the site of JFK Assassination)
The Meyerson Symphony Center and the Winspear Opera House (From the Chase Bank Tower Sky Lobby)
Southeastern Dallas skyline from the Chase Bank Tower Sky Lobby

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