Countdown to Zero no Kiseki – Ten Days to Zero


I have made it no secret that this release is one of the ones I’m most excited about at the moment. I didn’t have time to do much of anything for the other games that had been released up to this date. However, I have started getting my photography bug running. As such, you will get ‘Ten Days to Zero.’

Starring the trio of poms, as crocheted by my friend Ianthe. :)
友だちのアイアンシーちゃんが編んだポムの三匹(トリオ)が主役です! :)

Translation provided by Ayu Ohseki~ Thank you!

With only ten days left from their three year hiatus, a trio of poms had to take a train to Crossbell.

When they realized their folly of taking the wrong train, they had to take control of the train and attempt to stop!

However, when the train came to a stop, they realized they were far, far away from home, and had little way to get back.

What will the little poms do now? Stay tuned!~

Photos taken at the Interurban Railway Museum of Plano, Texas.

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