Countdown to Zero no Kiseki – Six Days to Zero

ja ja jaaan~

There was a request for the Ft Worth Stockyards. So. Guess what. That’s where the poms went today. :D It was a very long day, but it was amazingly worth it. I was glad to go. The hardest thing was actually picking WHICH photos to use. I may show some of the others later, too.

As with most of the others, this chapter is translated by c_ling @ twitter.

When the poms found the stockyards, they just knew that they might meet a real life cowboy. This was very exciting.

Of course, they found the hats first. They were sad that there were none in their size. :(

On the quest for a cowboy, they first went to the rodeo arena! …which had a very distinct lack of cows, boys, and cowboys.

But they found cattle. Cattle usually means that cowboys are around!

The forlorn Poms, after hours of searching, choose to ride a toy horse instead.

But when their hopes were down, a cowb- err… cowgirl showed up with her horse ‘Whiskey Pete’.
しかし、その時に、一つのカウボ- じゃなくて一つのカウガールと彼女の馬、「ウイスキー・ピート」が現れました。

With their goal complete, the poms find another train and settle in to nap. What will their next destination be?

All photos taken (save the last one) at the Ft Worth Stockyards. The last photo was on the TRE (Trinity Rail Express)

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