Countdown to Zero no Kiseki – Nine Days to Zero

I have come to learn that I’ve had a number of Japanese readers view my images. While I won’t have much time with the others, I did throw a request to a friend (C_Ling @ Twitter) to translate these sentences into Japanese. So this post will actually be bilingual! Yay!

Nine Days to Zero

Our little Poms, on their new adventure, seek a way to figure out where they are.

“We need to find higher ground!” said one as they looked around the park.

So the Poms got to work on climbing the steps!

“I see something!” called one Pom.

Unfortunately, all they found was a ‘human sundial.’ Amazing, yes, but no help at all, sadly.
残念ですが、”人間日時計” だけを見つかりました。確かに凄いけど役に立ちません。

So they hitched a ride. Might as well enjoy this strange place while they can.

Bonus! – Cellular Tower. No, I wouldn’t let them climb it. :(
おまけ!移動通信用鉄塔です。いや、ポム達に登りさせません。 :(

All photos (except the bonus one) were taken at Celestial Park in Addison, Texas.

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