Extra Life 2017: Schedule and Donation Stretch Goals!

Game day is fast approaching, taking place on November 4 this year. It should be no surprise that I’m planning to tackle the 24 hours once again, since this is my 8th year involved with the charity! (I can’t believe it’s been nearly a decade for me at this point.)

Also, as I did last year, I will be doing stretch goals on donations leading up to game day. You will find more on those below!

Click here for my Extra Life donation page!

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Nier Automata – How A Video Game Told Me A Lot About Myself

“And being alive is pretty much a constant stream of embarrassment.”

For the past two weeks, I’ve put about 60 hours into Nier Automata, and I want to sit down and immediately replay it, simply to digest the story once again. However, as great as it was, and as much as I loved it as is, it will probably never have the crazy impact that it did on the initial run.

This doesn’t mean it’s not a good game. It’s easily one of the best games I’ve ever played! But this game did something, and something I can’t talk about without warning.

There will be spoilers past this point! Please do not continue if you have not seen Ending E!

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New Equipment Type in Aion 5.1: Bracelets


As usual, this post is translated from aion.mutukina.net, which is a Japanese translation of information from Korean.

A new type of equippable item has been introduced into the game- a Bracelet of Kaisinel/Marchutan. You can purchase the initial bracelet in Sanctum or Pandamonium, from the two NPCs:
* Holy Accessory Tuner Penna (Sanctum)
* Holy Accessory Tuner Feather (Pandamonium)

These bracelets will automatically have PVP defense stats on them. You can upgrade them using tempering solutions. Once they hit +6, they will start to gain PVP offensive stats, as well. The max enchantment for the bracelets is +10.

As you temper the bracelet, it will also gain manastone slots and change appearance.

(Left to right)
Image 1: Enchantment Level 0 ~ 4: no Manastone slots.
Image 2: Enchantment Level 5 ~ 6: 1 Manstone slot. / Enchantment Level 7 ~ 9: 2 Manastone slots.
Image 3: Enchantment Level 10: 3 Manastone slots.

If an attempt to temper the bracelet fails, it will lose all of its enchantments, and any manastones equipped will be destroyed. [Editor’s Note: But it sounds like the bracelet itself doesn’t break, unlike with plumes.]

UI-wise, the slot on the profile page for the plume will be moved to be below the left power shard slot, and the bracelet will sit underneath the right power shard slot.

This update has been made live to both the Live Server and the Master Server.

[Twitter Memes] My Favorite Video Games

CiwzVO_UgAEp2V7.jpg large

So I posted this picture on twitter today. I got a lot of likes on it. 24, in fact. Thankfully, they stopped when I got around to writing this. But you’re asking for my 24 favorite games. I can’t keep myself to 140 characters each, so I’m going to put them all together in a single post. I figured that should give me a little more wriggle room and keep from really spamming your twitter feeds.

Let’s get started, but I want to stress that there is no particular order to these. Don’t ask me to do MORE work on this! lol

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Aion – Old Screenshots from Below Sanctum


For those who have started playing in the recent year or two of Aion, you may not realize that there was an unfinished city underneath Sanctum. Of course, in recent patches, there has been an ‘instant kill’ barrier if you tried to glide down to it, so people can’t wander off the map to try and look for it.

It took some effort. You had to glide to a mountain, rest up some flight time, and finish gliding down, because Sanctum is just that far up.


There’s also a whole area of empty terrain underneath there. Mountains and hills and so forth!


But eventually, Dreknok and I wandered our way to the ‘edge of the world’ so to speak. A place where the map was incomplete.

I’ll admit that I had a yolo moment. And jumped off the ledge. My whole screen went bonkers, as you can see below.


The game crashed shortly after that screenshot was made, and even crashed a few times on attempting to load the character. Eventually, I was reset back to my bind point. Thank goodness.

I didn’t want to ask a GM to help me in that case. I’m pretty sure we weren’t supposed to be there. ;D

Aion – 1/7 Elyos Assassin PVC Figure


It was recently revealed that figurine maker, Orchid Seed is releasing a 1/7 scale PVC figure of an Elyos Assassin from Aion, based on the artwork shown below.


This figure is expected to release in 1/2017, but preorders are going to be open from now through 6/30/2016. If you preorder it, you will get an A3 sized poster of the design artwork that the figure is based on, as well as your selection from the ‘Majestic Armor’ options, shown below, for use on the Live Service. (In Japan, Live Service is the main two servers running 4.9.)



The figure costs 13,800 yen (approx. $127) and stands 270mm tall. The figure design is by Yasuhiro Uchijima, also known as essence.

See the gallery below for more images of the figure.

EDIT – Added 4/18/2016
You can preorder the figure through Neowing, CD Japan, and Amazon.co.jp.

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